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Roles in occupational hygiene

Jobs in occupational hygiene can be found in a wide variety of organisations

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  • In industry, commerce and health services protecting the health of employees within the organisation
  • In consultancy, advising a multitude of businesses, often including Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
  • In government, as inspectors of workplaces, technical specialists or as policymakers
  • In universities, in teaching or research
  • In military services, supporting both armed forces in the field and the range of craftsman who operate behind the scenes

Each offers a different type of working environment, with different challenges. All offer the opportunity to progress from junior to more senior roles.

For more insights into careers in occupational hygiene, you can watch videos about real hygienists

Jose Pedro Dias



"I really enjoy the contact with people and knowing that you can help protect them from occupational risks through training and communication.

Knowing that workers leave work as healthy as when they came in makes it all worthwhile"