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OH in further education

Universities and colleges conduct research and provide teaching in occupational hygiene

Many provide specialist occupational hygiene consultancy services and may have access to advance measurement and analysis technologies

Universities and colleges may

  • Carry out research into health hazards, measurement techniques or control methods
  • Teach undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and lecture to doctors, nurses, safety officers, engineers etc, as a subsidiary subject
  • Conduct occupational hygiene investigations within the university and sometimes externally as consultants

The career structure of lecturer, senior lecturer and professor is the same as for other university functions.

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Danilo Cottica

Danilo Cottica from Italy (IOHA President) with Sharann Johnson (Past President Austraian Institute of Occupational Hygienists) and Ariel Luo

"In my 30-year experience of occupational hygiene I have contributed to improving people's working conditions. To see people happier at  work is the most satisfying part of our job!"