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Qualifications group

The Qualifications Group is responsible within OHTA for the operation of the international qualifications system. It is made up of representatives from participating national examining boards, who partner with OHTA to make possible internationally transferable qualifications. The participating boards are all included in the IOHA National Accreditation Recognition scheme.

The QG works in accordance with the aims and principles of OHTA

  • Defining study areas and syllabi
  • Setting accreditation standards
  • Overseeing the student assessment process, including quality assurance and auditing
  • Evaluating the equivalence of alternative qualifications and routes to entry
  • Approval of training providers according to agreed principles

How awards are made

Assessments and awards are made through the examining boards of participating countries: Approved training providers must contact the relevant examining board directly to make arrangements for examinations.  OHTA does not operate a separate process.  Although the accreditation standards and assessment methodologies are the same, administrative processes may differ between the examining boards.  Fees are set by the individual examining boards and may vary.

Where a country does not have its own occupational hygiene examining board, an examining board that participates in the international qualifications scheme will work with the relevant national association to develop a procedure for conducting assessments locally.  Similarly where there is no national association, a participating examining board will work with approved training providers to provide a delivery mechanism.

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