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OHTA operates on a not-for-profit basis.  It welcomes donations and sponsorship to contribute to the funding of the international training scheme and future developments. 

Organisations who promote and support occupational hygiene are encouraged to provide financial sponsorship. In return, sponsors are entitled to provide a brief description of their organisations and link to their home website on the sponsorship area of OHLearning.com. They may also want to offer practical support through the loan of equipment or other materials to course providers. If so, details of contacts and support available can be included for course providers.

Benefits of sponsorship

Sponsors enhance their visibility and reputation in the occupational hygiene community when their details are posted on OHLearning.com.

Organisations which offer materials or equipment for training courses will also have their products or materials demonstrated to students during the course.

Where possible, OHTA will recognise major sponsors in its promotional materials, articles and newsletters.

The sponsorship arrangement

Sponsorship can be a donation of money, services or equipment and is for a defined period, normally one year. The sponsor can use the opportunity to have a link on OHLearning.com to promote the organisation, products or services, provided that it does not impact greatly on the actual nature of the website which is for educational purposes.

The format and size for inclusion of text is defined by OHTA and content is restricted to a defined number of characters describing the organisation and its offer, a web link and organisational logo. In addition, sponsors can describe any support they offer to training providers and give the email address of a contact.

OHTA reserves the right to reject text that may not align with the principles of OHTA, conflicts with current occupational hygiene practices, is defamatory or otherwise inappropriate.

For information about our current sponsors, click here.

Capsule Filling

Capsule filling

Filling pharmaceutical capsules with active ingredient in dusty conditions.