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OHTA is pleased to acknowledge the support and financial sponsorship of the
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Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia in conjunction with Honeywell Analytics Australia and the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists are proud sponsors of the inaugural AIOH Associate Member Education Award which aims to facilitate the development of technician training in occupational hygiene.

This is being achieved through supporting the continuation of open access to OHLearning in combination with the training of AIOH Associate Members by way of grants to cover three attendees to a single module course delivered by an Australian based approved training provider.

For more information on the Award including application criteria and details on how to apply, contact the AIOH Administrator or visit the AIOH website http://www.aioh.org.au/awards.aspx. Applicants considering applying for the Award, should review the list of the available occupational hygiene modules and how they suit their training needs on the OHLearning website.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a leading provider of instruments, supplies and services for the environmental, occupational hygiene, industrial and global scientific markets.

We provide a nearly unlimited product portfolio to over 350,000 customers in 150 countries and offer the most up-to-date technologies from the worlds leading suppliers and supply an extensive range of test, measurement, monitoring, control devices and their associated consumables. Through our broad product offering, electronic commerce capabilities, integrated global logistics network and manufacturing facilities, our goal is to ensure you are always engaging or utilizing the best possible solutions to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer.


As the gas detection experts, Honeywell Analytics brings together nearly 200 collective years of expertise in design, manufacture and technology. The company also enjoys a glittering array of accolades including being the originators of an impressive number of technological firsts.

Adaptability and innovation are key themes at Honeywell Analytics. The company’s comprehensive product range has an option suited to every type of application or industry. In addition, a strong commitment to service and understanding the unique needs of its customers ensures that Honeywell Analytics remains the premier provider of gas detection solutions, and a name that is synonymous with excellence. In addition to the extensive product range, Honeywell Analytics also provides a number of authoritative platforms, providing a comprehensive offering of knowledge, expertise and information on every aspect of gas detection.



SKC is the world leader in sampling technologies and a primary manufacturer of quality air sample pumps, accessories, sorbent tubes, sample bags, passive samplers, and filters for occupational and environmental health and safety professionals. Industry professionals know they can rely on SKC - Support, Knowledge, and Choice.

As a sponsor of OHTA, SKC and its global sales network will loan air sampling equipment for training courses when available. Requests for loan of equipment should be sent to Debbie Dietrich, Vice President and Corporate IH for SKC Inc. at [email protected]. Alternatively, requests can be made to the local SKC distributors. See http://www.skcinc.com for a list of SKC distributors world-wide.

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