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OHTA is a collaborative effort, based on the principles of active participation by stakeholders

We make every effort to ensure that people's voices are heard and acted upon

Who are the stakeholders?

Students, training providers, national OH associations, examining boards and employers have collaborated in developing training materials and qualifications. Trade unions and international organisations will also have an interest in raising standards of occupational hygiene practice.

How are stakeholders engaged?

  • OHLearning.com is designed as a community site where information can be shared and feedback provided 
  • Information about OHTA has been communicated widely in newsletters, in meetings at OH conferences and in teleconferences

We are looking into ways to create a formal stakeholder group to provide more structured feedback.  We would welcome suggestions and views on how this could be achieved.

Paint Bench

Unlidded tins of paint and rags soaked in thinners can be a source of solvent exposure.

How to get involved

Register for access to the Community:

  • Take part in debates - you'll soon get to know people
  • Critique the training materials available - we're always looking to improve them
  • Provide feedback on courses and training providers - let us know what went well and what needs improving
  • Upload your own training materials to share - help your colleagues all around the world!