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Italian Industrial Hygiene Association

AIDII promotes the development, study, dissemination and diffusion of this discipline, with the aim of protecting health and the environment within and outside the workplace.

 AIDII organizes conferences and scientific symposia, conferences, courses and seminars and study, publishes a scientific journal, the "Journal of Industrial Hygienists, and ensure, through the Institute for Certification of industrial hygiene, skills and professionalism of those who devote their efforts to improve the quality of work environments and life.


Individual members: 1600
Organisational Membership: Yes
National qualifications offered: No further information is available at the present time


Web www.aidii.it/
Post Via Giovanni Battista Morgagni, 32 - 20129 Milan
Tel +39 02 20240956
Fax +39 02 20241784
Email aidii@ aidii.it