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Training needs analysis

What training is needed by hygienists?

An analysis of industry needs for training in occupational hygiene was prepared at the outset of the OHTA project and is uploaded here. It may be useful for anyone developing a training strategy for their organisation. Does anyone have other schemes they can share? Or suggestions on how this one can be improved?

by Steve Bailey on 24 Apr 2010

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  • by Red Magma on 09 Dec 2011, 08:54:58

  • Great! Thanks Karen. If you develop anything better please do share it here.

    by Steve Bailey on 13 May 2010, 00:06:00

  • Steve, I am just starting project on improving occupational hygiene capability across our company. This document has been very helpful. Thank you.

    by Karen Bufton on 12 May 2010, 13:39:38

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  1. Analysis of industry Needs for Occupational Hygiene_0.doc on 24 Apr 2010 by Steve Bailey - view
  2. Analysis of industry Needs for Occupational Hygiene_0.doc on 03 May 2010 by Steve Bailey - view


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