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IOHA 2018 Call for Proposals Opens January 3

The theme of IOHA Washington 2018 is “Bringing Better Health to Workers Worldwide.”  

AIHA is seeking proposals in the following areas: 

Hazard Recognition, Evaluation & Controls (includes topics such as: Biological Monitoring, Biosafety, Exposure Assessment, Indoor Environmental Quality/Indoor Air Quality, PPE, Real-Time Detection Systems, Risk Assessment, Sampling & Analysis)

Industries (includes topics such as: Construction, Engineering, Healthcare, Laboratories, Mining and Oil & Gas)

Physical Hazards (includes topics such as: Confined Spaces, Ergonomics, Noise, and Radiation)

IH Program Management (includes topics such as: Communication & Training, Computer Applications and Management)

Emerging Issues (includes topics such as: Hazard Banding/OEL Process, Sensor Technologies, Emerging Markets/Global EHS Standards of Care, IH Value Strategy, Incident Preparedness & Response, Changing Workforce Demographics/Environment, Big Data: Data Management & Interpretation, Total Worker Health)

The deadline to submit a proposal is January 29, 2018. More information is available here.

AIHA is also seeking abstract reviewers through December 15.  Details of how to apply can be found here