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Workplace Health Without Borders

Imagine a world where workers do not get sick because of their work.

Most of the world’s workers have no access to occupational hygiene expertise. They lack the technical resources and knowledge required to identify and control exposures to disease-causing agents in their workplaces.

Workplace Health Without Borders (WHWB) was founded and incorporated in Canada in 2011 to engage volunteers in improving workplace health in regions of the world lacking adequate occupational hygiene services. Its focus will be to provide local hygiene professionals with technical assistance, training and skills development to enable them to manage and improve health conditions in local workplaces. WHWB plans to work with other groups with similar aims around the world. As one of its primary goals is occupational hygiene training, WHWB is committed to collaborating with OHTA. Our partnership represents the synergy between OHTA’s focus on production of high quality training materials and WHWB’s focus on engaging volunteers in the delivery of programs using these materials around the world.

WHWB may provide support through creating or participating in onsite action teams that will travel to the host country. It may also provide information,  training, and technical assistance  on-line and through one-to-one mentoring relationships.

In providing technical assistance, WHWB will attempt to incorporate appropriate technology that acknowledges feasibility, affordability and resource constraints in the host countries and workplaces. For example, control banding approaches are expected to be a major focus of WHWB responses. Through its immediate focus on control strategies, control banding offers the potential for more timely, less costly risk management than conventional hygiene approaches, particularly in regions that lack  sampling and analysis capabilities. 

If you are interested in working with WHWB or in following our activities, visit www.whwb.org and register. Any assistance or ideas you can provide will be warmly received..

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Our mission: "to engage the occupational health profession in ensuring that workers and employers throughout the world have the knowledge and technical means to prevent work-related disease."

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  • Share common aims to improve standards of occupational hygiene in developing countries
  • Collaborate to provide training in countries that lack access to occupational hygiene resources