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To assure students of a consistent, high standard of training, only approved providers are allowed to offer courses leading to the international qualifications. Learn more about the approval process

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AAA Training Co Ltd UNITED STATES 15 Mar 2017 view
Airborne Environmental Consultants Limited UNITED STATES 29 Oct 2015 view
American Industrial Hygiene Association UNITED STATES 24 Aug 2017 view
BP plc UNITED STATES 10 May 2017 view
Bureau Veritas UNITED STATES 15 Jul 2016 view
Canadian Council of Occupational Hygiene UNITED STATES 04 Aug 2011 view
Chevron Corporation UNITED STATES 22 Aug 2013 view
Clarke Consultants UNITED STATES 21 Oct 2011 view
ECOH Management Inc UNITED STATES 12 Nov 2010 view
Eduardo Shaw UNITED STATES 23 May 2018 view
Euro Safety and Health UNITED STATES 28 Apr 2010 view
Golder Associates UNITED STATES 26 Apr 2010 view
International Safety Systems Inc. UNITED STATES 09 May 2010 view
IOM Singapore Pte Ltd UNITED STATES 14 May 2018 view
JAS International LLC UNITED STATES 10 Jun 2015 view