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North-West University (OHHRI), South Africa

1. MSc in Occupational Hygiene

The objective of this qualification is the training of postgraduate students, enabling them to function as occupational hygienists at a highly qualified level as researchers in the health sciences.

The qualified student will be equipped with advanced knowledge and skills to identify a relevant research need within the field of occupational hygiene; plan and execute a suitable quantitative and/or qualitative research design in a scientific ethical manner and utilize suitable research methods, techniques and procedures in the approach; interpret research results in a scientific accountable manner and compile a research report on it. The student will have the skills to function as an occupational hygienist in the industry.

The programme consists of four lectured modules;

  • Labour Legislation
  • Occupational Hygiene Monitoring B
  • Vibration, heat and ergonomic factors
  • Personal protective equipment and radiation

and a research project in the form of a mini-dissertation. This programme follows on a honours degree incorporating the other occupational hygiene stressors.

2. PhD in Occupational Hygiene

The aim of the qualification is to enable a student that already has a masters degree in the field of Occupational Hygiene (or an equivalent qualification), to prove by a doctoral thesis that he/she did a scientific contribution to development of new knowledge and/or applicable skills. A further objective of the qualification is to provide South Africa with scientific researchers who have a broad theoretical expertise and practical skills in Occupational Hygiene.


School/Faculty/Department OHHRI - Occupational Hygiene and Health Research Initiative
Annual enrolment: 5
Scholarships and Awards: To be confirmed

Qualifications offered

MSc in Occupational Hygiene Full-time 2 years
PhD in Occupational Hygiene Part-time 3 years


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