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University of Zurich and University of Lausanne, Switzerland

The Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) Work+Health is a joint program of the University of Zurich and the University of Lausanne. Based on 20 years of training experience in the field, the DAS Work+Health offers firm theoretical knowledge and profound practical skills in Occupational Medicine, Occupational Hygiene, and Organizational Health Development.

The Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Work+Health integrates the three specializations Occupational Medicine (OM), Occupational Hygiene (OH), and Organizational Health Development (OHD). The interdisciplinary DAS Work+Health program consists of both common modules and specialization modules. Please select one of these specializations on the basis of your educational and professional background, and personal interest. As a DAS Work+Health student you have the privilege of taking up to 2 additional modules of the other specializations without additional cost.

Common modules (C1 to C8): The generic topics and practical approaches of work and health are introduced in the common modules. The DAS Work+Health program emphasizes that you learn from, and share your skills and knowledge with, your colleagues through interdisciplinary group work, discussion rounds, and case studies.

Specialization modules: In these modules, beside lectures and group work, you visit work sites in different companies to deepen your specific knowledge and train practical skills. The specializations of DAS Work+Health are:
• Occupational Medicine (OM1 to OM4)
• Occupational Hygiene (OH1 to OH4)
• Organizational Health Development (OHD1 to OHD5)

Group project (C9): In the concluding interdisciplinary group work of C9, you work independently with colleagues on a given project in the industry. Within this project you demonstrate readiness to take on work and health specialists’ responsibilities and work efficiently in interdisciplinary teams.


School/Faculty/Department Work + Health
Annual enrolment: 0
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Qualifications offered

Diploma of Advanced Studies Work + Health Part-time 2


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