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University Courses

A number of universities and technical institutions offer academic and research-based courses in occupational hygiene leading to advanced qualifications such as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Learn more about advanced qualifications.

Use the grid below to search University courses worldwide. 

The information is provided by the organisations concerned and is not validated by OHTA. Students should contact the organisations directly to satisfy themselves that a particular course will meet their needs.

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t;Name of InstitutionSchool/Faculty/DepartmentUpdated 
The University of Manchester, UK Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences, Centre for Occupational and Environmental Health 12 Jan 2017 view
University of Michigan, USA Environmental Health Sciences 12 Jan 2017 view
National University of Ireland, Ireland College of Science 12 Jan 2017 view
University of Wollongong, Australia School of Health and Society, Faculty of Social Sciences 12 Jan 2017 view
University of Zurich and University of Lausanne, Switzerland Work + Health 12 Jan 2017 view
North-West University, South Africa School of Physiology, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences 12 Jan 2017 view
North-West University (OHHRI), South Africa OHHRI - Occupational Hygiene and Health Research Initiative 12 Jan 2017 view
University of Leuven and Odisee University College, Belgium Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public Health and Primary Care 12 Jan 2017 view
University of Illinois at Chicago Great Lakes Centers Chicago School of Public Health 17 Jul 2017 view
Ohio University Department of Social and Public Health - Occupational Hygiene and Safety 21 Mar 2019 view