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IP402 Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings



We are delighetd to announce that we will be delivering the IP402 remotely on the video conferencing platform GoTo, enabling students to receive the same level of technical learning as they would in the classroom. All materials are delivered in advance to participants including those for practical assessments. Exams are also held online.


  1. Candidates will gain a background and practical knowledge in the surveying of buildings for asbestos and be provided general guidance on the management procedures necessary to minimise exposure to any identified asbestos.
  2. Candidates for this course are expected to be aware of the principles required to survey for asbestos in buildings and have prior experience of being involved with asbestos surveying.


  1. Have a clear understanding of the requirements relating to safe management of asbestos in buildings and be able to communicate appropriately with colleagues and clients.
  2. Be able to describe the uses of asbestos in buildings and the public health risk these might pose and understand the principles of and requirements for asbestos surveys.
  3. Understand the risk assessment and risk management strategies and their role in reducing health risks.
  4. Have a detailed knowledge of the approved methods for sampling of bulk asbestos along with the situations where segregation may be required. In addition Candidates must have a good understanding of suitable PPE/RPE to be used and the methods for personal decontamination.
  5. Understand how to carry out surveys to identify the presence of asbestos and its type in different locations including:
  • Understand of buildings and their structures
  • Surveying and sampling techniques
  • Safety requirements for surveying
  • Post survey evaluation


During the course there will be a practical assessment. On the completion of the course there will be two written assessments: theory short answers and a practical written assessment. Successful completion of the course provides the candidate with an International Proficiency Certificate in Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings.

Following the successful completion of the course the candidate can provide two asbestos surveys that include sampling, analysis and material assessment in order to be awarded International Proficiency Certificate in Report Writing for Asbestos Surveys.

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Status: This event is approved by OHTA for the international qualifications scheme
Approved by OHTA
Category: Fibres
Level: Awareness
Training provider: OHMS Training


Location ONLINE (Perth, AUS)
Starts 24 May 2021 07:00
Ends 26 May 2021 15:00
Course leader Dr Elaine Lindars
Places 10
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