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W503 Noise - Measurement & It's Effect


Webinar Schedule / Timing

10th to 13th June - 19:00 to 23:00 IST
14th & 15th June - Break
16th to 19th June - 19:00 to 23:00 IST
Examination on 19th June


Course Content:

1. Physics of Noise

a. Properties of Noise

b. Definitions & Measurement Units

2. Human Response to Noise

a. The Ear and its Response to Sound

b.      Audiometry

c.      Noise Exposure Limits

3.      Machinery Noise

4.      Assessment of Noise Risk

a.      Sound Level Meter

b.      Frequency Analysis

c.      Personal Noise Dosimetry

d.      Sound Power and Sound Intensity

e.      Noise Measurement & Assessment

5.      Noise Control & Hearing Protection

a.      Engineering Control of Noise

b.      Administrative Control

c.      Hearing Protection

6.      Introduction to Environmental Noise

a.      Propagation of Sound

b.      Instrumentation

c.      Measurement & Assessment

7.      Standards & Good Practices


On completing this course successfully, the student will be able to:

ü Describe the consequences to health and well-being of excessive exposure to noise;

ü Understand the measurement (including dosimetry) of noise in relation to current standards;

ü Conduct surveys in the workplace to assess risks from noise;

ü Advise on the need and means of control including PPE;

ü Appreciate and advise on environmental noise assessment and concern;

ü Understand current standards and good practice in these fields.

Training info

Status: This event is approved by OHTA for the international qualifications scheme
Approved by OHTA
Category: Noise
Level: Intermediate
Training provider: Sustainable EHS LLP


Location ONLINE
Starts 10 Jun 2021 19:00
Ends 19 Jun 2021 23:00
Course leader Utpal Bhavsar CIH, CSP
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