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W503 Noise Measurement and its Effects



This course aims to: To provide the student with an appreciation of the nature of noise hazards in the workplace and the effects of noise on people. It also details the approach in carrying out noise assessments in the workplace and in the general environment, and to determine the significance of measurement data in relation to the various standards for compliance.

Learning Outcomes

On completing this course successfully the student will be able to:

· describe the consequences to health and well-being of excessive exposure to noise;

· understand the measurement (including dosimetry) of noise in relation to current standards; · conduct surveys in the workplace to assess risks from noise;

· advise on the need and means of control including PPE;

· appreciate and advise on environmental noise assessment and concern;

· understand current standards and good practice in these fields.

Course Format

Run as a 5 day taught on-line course including lectures, tutorials, practical/demonstration sessions, guided reading, overnight questions and on-line examination on the final day.


The written examination will be a 40 short answer question “open book” examination with an allowed time of 120 minutes.


The W503 Module topics include:-

Physics of Noise

Human Response to Noise

Machinery Noise

Assessment of Noise Risk

Noise Control and Hearing Protection

Introduction to Environmental Noise

Standards and Good Practice 

For the full course specification please refer to the W503 syllabus which can be found in the approved course materials section of the OH Learning website as a download.  

Training info

Status: This event is approved by OHTA for the international qualifications scheme
Approved by OHTA
Category: Noise
Level: Intermediate
Training provider: Diamond Environmental Ltd


Location On-line , Real time ( GMT ) delivery and attendance
Starts 10 May 2021 09:00
Ends 14 May 2021 14:00
Course leader Mike Slater, DipOH, CFFOH.
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