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Company description

A World Leader In Workplace Health

The Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM), is one of the leading providers of workplace health consulting and services and training. Our expertise extends from Occupational Hygiene to Nanotechnology training and consulting that includes the full range of Occupational Health, Asbestos Services, Environment and Health Services, Medico-Legal services as well as our own extensive Analytical support laboratories.  We have a reputation for high quality, authoritative and independent services with results welcomed by clients, employees and agencies alike.

A History of Workplace Improvement Success

Established in 1969 in the UK as an independent charity, we have our origins in the research sector where we continue to have an international reputation for pioneering workplace health projects. Today we have a much broader remit and IOM has been reducing the cost and risk of workplace hazards and their effects on human health via research, consultancy and scientific services. IOM has a high global standing through its published research and the service work it undertakes for leading organisations.

Local Presence, International Experience

The IOM employs around 140 staff who help deliver safer working environments and healthier working lives for thousands of organisations around the world. From our UK base and headquarters in Scotland, we have 4 regional offices (Edinburgh, London, Stafford and Chesterfield) which serve our UK, European and North American clients.

Our Asian base in Singapore is newly established in 2012. It is from here we will offer our expertise to commercial and public sector organisations which require independent high level consulting, measurement, analysis and recommendations for all categories of workplace and environmental hazards.

For more information, please contact IOM Singapore Pte Ltd at:

Telephone: +65 6914 6620 | Email: training@iom-world.sg | Website: www.iom-world.sg

Training Courses

W201 Fundamentals of Occupational Hygiene
W501 Measurement of Hazardous Substances
W502 Thermal Environment
W503 Noise - Measurement and Effects
W504 Asbestos and Other Fibres
W505 Control of Hazardous Substances
W506 Ergonomic Essentials
W507 Health Effects of Hazardous Substances

Contact details

Person: Marc Ho
Languages offered: English
Web www.iom-world.sg
Address: 237 Alexandra Road, #06-17, The Alexcier, Singapore 159929
Tel +65 6914 6620
Fax N/A
Email training@iom-world.sg

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