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New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society

Company description

The New Zealand Occupational Hygiene Society is a network of occupational hygiene professionals who further the practice, professionalism and recognition of the industry in New Zealand. The NZOHS was officially launched in 1994.

At present the Society's membership is made up of Professional Occupational Hygienists either working for large companies, private consultants, or government. The Society has also welcomed into its midst, as Associate Members, a larger number of people who are working in the field of health and safety, but have only a part time involvement in Occupational Hygiene.

Training Courses

W201 - Fundamentals of Occupational Hygiene (Basic Principles)

W501 - Measurement of Hazardous Substances

W502 - Thermal Environment 

W503 - Noise - Measurement and Effects

W504 - Asbestos and Other Fibres

W505 - Controls of Hazardous Substances

W507 - Health Effects of Hazardous Substances 

Contact details

Person: Suzanne Broadbent
Languages offered: English
Web www.nzohs.org.nz
Address: PO Box 3810, Richmond, Nelson 7050, New Zealand
Tel N/A
Fax N/A
Email admin@nzohs.org.nz

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