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Solutia Pacific

Company description

Solutia Pacific is a Hawaii-based company providing industrial hygiene and health and safety services to commercial and government clients. The company was founded in 2013 by Mr Kukui Awana who is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and a Certified Safety Professional.

Training Courses

W201 Basic Principles in Occupational Hygiene
W501 Measurement of Hazardous Substances
W502 Thermal Environment
W503 Noise - Measurement and Effects
W504 Asbestos and Other Fibres
W505 Control of Hazardous Substances
W506 Ergonomic Essentials
W507 Health Effects of Hazardous Substances

Contact details

Person: Kukui Awana
Languages offered: English
Web solutiapacific.com/
Address: PO Box 15542, Honolulu, Hawaii 96830, USA
Tel +1 808 428 4701
Fax N/A
Email [email protected]

Training Events in past two years

    No events in past two years